Green Day CafeOrlando is full of all kinds of restaurants from those serving great steaks to those serving something a bit healthier. When you're not looking for a heavy meal full of junk food, you need to know where to go. Whether you practice a vegetarian diet or you just want to eat health, here are some of the top spots in Orlando for healthy meals.

Green Day Cafe in North Orlando

This is the place for veggies. They serve up some of the best salads in the area, along with wraps and even gluten-free wraps. It's known as the healthiest fast-food franchise in the country with options for vegans, vegetarians, flexitarians, carnivores and everybody else.

Green Day Cafe offers gluten-free option on the menu, along with plenty of choices for those not worries about gluten. You can even go through the drive through and take the food home with you.

Ethos Vegan Kitchen in Winter Park

Ethos Vegan KitchenAnother great choice, especially if you practice a strict vegan diet, Ethos Vegan Kitchen provides great options. They claim to have a 100% vegan menu, which is hard to find anywhere. They have been around since 2007 with plant-based options all over the menu. The space is very modern and provides a great choice in Winter Park.

You'll find plenty of lunch and dinner options here with plenty of healthy choices. The food is very tasty, too and they do serve brunch on Sundays.

The Sanctum in Orlando

The Sanctum is one of the best places to go for plant-based meals. They serve up all types of options for vegans, but they also serve eggs and cheese on the menu. This makes it a great choice for both vegans and vegetarians or anybody looking for something healthy.

You'll find great juices and smoothies on the menu with other items, such as avocado toast, grain bowls, salads, pastas, sammies and so much more.

Market on South in Orlando

An all vegan place with plenty of healthy dishes, Market on South is a great choice. They have all kinds of options, such as tacos, sloppy joes and much more. White it's all vegan, they have some of the classic options, such as mac n' cheese doughnuts and so much more. The T.L.T. sandwich is very popular, as well.

Create Your Nature in Winter Park

Dandelion Communitea CafeThose looking to eat clean will love Create your Nature. This is the spot in Winter Park for a healthy breakfast or lunch. They provide fruits and veggies all throughout the menu with oat bowls, salads and so much more. A few other great spots in Orlando for healthy eating include:

  • Dandelion Communitea Cafe in Colonialtown
  • Bikes, Beans & Bordeaux in Audubon Park
  • Infusion Tea in College Park
  • Veggie Garden in Colonialtown
  • Skyebird in Audubon Park

Eating healthy in Orlando doesn't have to be so difficult and doesn't mean you can't go out for a meal. If you're looking for something healthy, vegan, vegetarian, gluten-free or clean eating approved, these are the best places in Orlando to try.