The Butler Chain of Lakes is a popular choice in Central Florida. It's one of the most sought-after lakefront areas in all of Florida with eleven total lakes. The most popular community within the Butler Chain of Lakes is called Windermere, which was established in 1889. This community has a population of around 2,000 residents and remains as one of the small, unique towns many love to call home.

Butler Chain of Lakes Real Estate

Some of the finest luxury real estate is found throughout the Windermere area. Many of the homes are situated on one of the lakes, a golf course or both. With incredible views and plenty of luxury amenities, the Butler Chain of Lakes area is one of the finest near Orlando.

Homes throughout the area have an average sales price of just over $1.2 million. Many larger estates will top the $5 million mark and some even go as high as $30 million. The largest homes include multiple acre lots, more than 10,000 square feet of living space and at least six bedrooms.

Throughout the Windermere area, there are several smaller communities including:

These smaller communities all offer something a bit different with properties found on the water.

The Lakes

The Butler Chain of Lakes includes 11 total lakes, which are:

  • Lake Butler - 1,700 acres
  • Lake Tibet - 1,070 acres
  • Lake Sheen - 569 acres
  • Lake Chase - 142 acres
  • Lake Blanche - 122 acres
  • Lake Isleworth - 56 acres
  • Little Fish Lake- 24 acres
  • Lake Down - 911 acres
  • Lake Louise - 151 acres
  • Wauseon Bay - 1,686 acres
  • Pocket Lake - 128 acres

These lakes have been recognized as "Outstanding Florida Waters" because of the animal habitats and high quality of water.

The Windermere lakes are known as top choices for fishing and water skiing. All are larger than 50 acres, except Little Fish Lake, which provides plenty of space for boating, Wave Runners and more. The clear water and abundant vegetation make these lakes great for large-mouth bass fishing and bluegill fishing.

Famous Residents Put The Butler Chain of Lakes on the Map

Over the past decade or so, many famous residents have helped to put the Butler Chain of Lakes on the map. Shaquille O'Neil, Wesley Snipes, Mark O'Meara, Ken Griffey Jr., Tiger Wood and many others have decided to call the area home. They were drawn to the community because of the incredible lakefront views.

Schools Serving the Windermere Area

Some of the best public and private schools in Orange County provide Windermere students with a great education. Schools serving the community include:

Elementary Schools

  • Bay Meadows
  • Metrowest
  • Thornebrooke
  • Palm Lake
  • Wind Ridge
  • Windermere

Middle Schools

  • Gotha
  • Chain of Lakes
  • Southwest

High Schools

  • Dr. Phillips
  • West Orange
  • Olympia
  • Windermere

Private Schools

  • Premier Academy (18 months to 1st grade)
  • Crenshaw School (Pre-K to 12th grade)
  • Windermere Preparatory (Pre-K to 12th grade)

All of these schools provide good choices for areas students.

Living Near the Butler Chain of Lakes

Living in this area of Central Florida offers plenty of benefits. With some of the finest homes, golf courses and lakes, you'll live in luxury with plenty of great things to do.