Fishing on Clermont Chain of LakesOrlando offers a number of great lake communities with some beautiful lakefront homes throughout. Clermont Chain of Lakes is one of those communities, which includes plenty of excellent lakefront homes to choose from.

Found just to the west of Orlando, the town of Clermont provides 11 beautiful lakes making up the chain. More than 8,500 acres of lakes are found here including Lake Emma and Lake Lucy. Some of the best fishing is also found throughout these lakes with largemouth bass, perch and many other species available. Clermont is also known as the "wakeboarding capital of the world" and offers a number of great water sports.

Clermont Chain of Lakes Real Estate

Many homes are found throughout the Clermont area near and on the lakes. Some of the homes may start as low as about $225K, but those found on the golf course or lakefront will be much higher. Homes found along Palisades Golf Course may start around $300K and go up to $800K, but the average is about $700K. Other homes found on the northeaster side of Lake Minneola run from about $300K up to $800K. This area also offers some lots starting around $120K.

Crystal Cove is one of the popular neighborhoods found along the northeastern side of the community. Palisade Golf Court is another very popular community, while West Lake offers a more commercialized area, along with Waterfront Park found along Palm Street.

Crescent Lake offers a good option as a part of the Clermont Chain of Lakes. Many of the homes are a bit older in this section, but they are also a bit more affordable. Lots are still available around Crescent Lake, as well.

The Clermont Chain of Lakes

The Clermont Chain of Lakes provides a number of options including:

  • Cherry Lake - 405 acres
  • Crescent Lake - 129 acres
  • Cook Lake - 21 acres
  • Lake Emma - 170 acres
  • Lake Hiawatha - 52 acres
  • Lake Louisa - 3,573 acres
  • Lake Lucy - 365 acres
  • Lake Minnehaha - 2,411 acres
  • Lake Minneola - 1,890 acres
  • Lake Palatlakaha - 110 acres
  • Lake Susan - 202 acres
  • Lake Winona - 79 acres
  • Wilson Lake - 41 acres

All of these lakes are well-known for offering great water activities including fishing, wakeboarding and so much more. In fact, a year-round school called The Wakeboarding Camp is held her eon Lake Minneola.

Clermont Chain of Lakes Fishing

The Clermont Chain of Lakes is one of the most popular when it comes to fishing and waters ports. Plenty of great options are found all throughout the chain for fishing including largemouth bass, channel catfish, speckled perch and much more. With dredge holes and sunken trees all throughout, fishing is great throughout. Some have even said it's the best place for largemouth bass fishing in the entire world.

Clermont Chain of Lake Location

Found to the west of Orlando, Clermont provides a convenient location allowing residents to enjoy the city. It's located near some of the best water in Central Florida and close enough for residents to enjoy all of the major attractions in Orlando.