The Cross Seminole TrailThe Cross Seminole Trail runs through many of the popular bedroom communities and suburbs found to the north of Orlando. It's a popular residential link for those looking to enjoy connecting from one community to another without driving. The trail is used by many Seminole County residents for exercise and getting around town.

Three sections of the Cross Seminole Trail are provided to create a full 23-mile continuous trail, which will end up being a 28-mile continuous trail when the final gap is closed. The Seminole Wekiva Trail stretches 14 miles, while the Cady Way Trail stretches six miles. Some of the connecting areas of the trail are rail-trail, as well.

The trail runs through urban areas, along with suburban and semi-rural areas. Once fully completed, the Cross Seminole Trail will stretch from the Orange County line at Goldenrod to the Lake Monroe Wayside Park in Sanford.

Connecting Communities North of Orlando

The Cross Seminole Trail has become a massive part of the northern suburbs of Orlando. It's a great way to connect communities throughout the areas including:

These top northern suburbs have the option to use the sections of the trail for biking, walking, and even getting from one community to another.

Attractions Found Near the Cross Seminole Trail

The trail helps connect residents to many different communities and many attractions along the way. Those looking to enjoy the many beautiful areas found along the Cross Seminole Trail will also have the option to enjoy plenty of attractions including:

  • Big Tree Park
  • Spring Hammock Preserve
  • Seminole County Environmental Studies Center
  • Lake Monroe Wayside Park
  • Central Florida Zoo

Several other attractions are found a little further off the trail for residents to enjoy.

Biking on the Cross Seminole Trail

There are several great sections of this larger trail for biking. Whether you want to enjoy a longer ride or a shorter ride, you can find a trailhead to begin and a place to stop.

The section stating along Aloma Avenue (SR426) at Howell Branch Road and running to the Red Bug Lake Road Bridge is a popular choice for biking. This stretch of trail runs for about 5 miles total and it's found across from the end of the Cady Way Trail. Bikers will enjoy passing throughout residential areas and industrial areas, along with the beautiful views from the bridge.

A shorter section great for biking is found from the Red Bug Lake Road Bridge to SR-434 in Oviedo. This section runs for about 1.6 miles and offers easy access to the Oviedo Mall. Bikers will pass through residential and commercial areas with options to extend the ride.


The Cross Seminole Trail offers several trailheads with parking. Whether you want to start in Oviedo or you prefer to start in another suburb of Orlando, you'll be able to find a trailhead to begin your journey.

Trailheads include:

  • Oviedo Aquatic Center
  • Black Hammock Trailhead
  • Central Winds Park
  • Soldiers Creek Park
  • Big Tree Park
  • Greenwood Lakes Park
  • Lake Mary Trailhead
  • Lake Monroe Wayside Park

All of these trailhead offer parking and the ability to begin your journey on the Cross Seminole Trail. Other trailheads are also offered without parking.