Lake Eola Park in Downtown Orlando FloridaAn incredibly popular park in Downtown Orlando, Lake Eola Park offers several things to do and hosts many events throughout the year. It's known as the location of the Walt Disney Amphitheater and the Chinese pagoda.

History of Lake Eola Park

The park was established when Jacob Summerlin donated the land to be turned into a park. It was first established in 1888 and many other families donated more land to make the park even larger. Lake Eola Park was officially declared a park in 1892.

The park has been the home for a horse race track, a pier, a zoo, tennis courts, and even the broadcast site of a local radio station. The foundation, which costs $10,000, was installed in 1912. However, it was later replaced by Centennial Fountain in 1957, which has a cost of $350K. It was replaced a third time in 2011 after getting struck by lightning. The current fountain cost $2.3 million.

In 1993, Lake Eola Park was expanded and the Post Parkside Apartments, along with Lee's Lakeside Restaurant became a part of the park. The expansion also included adding the International Food Court.

Another expansion came in 2013, which added an additional 1.36 acres of space, widened sidewalks, a large paved patio area, and new LED lighting. Six sculptures were also installed and Eola House was opened.

Lake Eola Park Things to Do

Lake Eola Park Farmers MarketThis iconic park offers plenty of things to do including the swan-shaped paddle boats, which you can rent and enjoy on Lake Eola. Children can plan at the playground and the famous fountain offers a popular spot to enjoy.

There is a mile-long walkway around the perimeter of the lake and the event amphitheater hosts several great events throughout the year. On Sundays, the Orlando Farmers Market takes over Lake Eola Park and provides plenty of produce, local crafts, and other goods. The farmers market also offers a beer garden and live music.


Many residents come to Lake Eola Park for the great events held throughout the year. Every month, performances are held in the Walt Disney Amphitheater. Along with the events held in the amphitheater, Lake Eola Park hosts the Fireworks Over the Fountain July 4th celebration every year.

Spin City Classic is held in March here, which is an amateur bicycle race. It winds through the nearby streets and around the park. Another popular event held in November is the Fiesta in the Park, which includes 600 arts and crafts booths with plenty of food and entertainment.

The park is also known for hosting Tai Chi & Kung Fu classes on Monday, Wednesday, and Saturday evenings. Other events are also held here throughout the year.

Lake Eola Park offers a historic and very popular park for those living throughout downtown Orlando. It's a centerpiece of the community with plenty of things to do, a beautiful lake to enjoy, and an incredible amphitheater. Residents often attend events here and many living nearby frequent the park for the other amenities.