The Butler Chain of Lakes in Southwest Orlando FloridaKnown for the incredible water quality, The Butler Chain of Lakes is one of the best choices for fishing and recreation in Orange County. With plenty of boating and water sports opportunities, residents in the Windermere and Dr Phillips communities which surround the Butler Chain, flock to these lakes throughout the entire year.

The Butler Chain of Lakes is made up of 13 lakes and was the first lake system in the entire state of Florida to receive the designation of Outstanding Florida Waters from the Florida Department of Environmental Protection. This designation was given to the lakes in 1985 due to the wildlife habitat and water quality.

The 13 Lakes

Thirteen interconnected lakes make up The Butler Chain of Lakes and include:

  • Lake Down
  • Little Lake Down
  • Lake Butler
  • Lake Louise
  • Lake Blanche
  • Lake Chase
  • Lake Sheen
  • Fish Lake
  • Pocket Lake
  • Lake Isleworth
  • Wauseon Bay
  • Lake Tibet-Butler
  • Unnamed Lake

Along with the 13 lakes, The Butler Chain of Lakes includes 32 navigable canals.

The lakes cover more than 5,000 total areas of surface water with the largest, Lake Butler, covering 1,600 acres. Tibet-Butler Lake is the second largest covering 1,200 acres of surface water.

Recreation on the Lakes

Each lake is a bit different and some provide better recreation than others. Lake Down, for example, is known as one of the best choices for fishing, especially those looking to go fishing for large mouth bass. Many of the other lakes are also known for great fishing.

A few boat ramps are found on the 13 lakes providing plenty of access for those looking to enjoy boating. R.D. Keene Park is one of the more popular parks on the lakes and provides a boat ramp on Lake Isleworth. The park also provides two soccer fields, a playground, and a picnic area.

Another boat ramp is found on Conroy-Windermere Road across from Isleworth. Several other boat ramps are found on the lakes, but many are controlled use. Another option for boaters is found in Keene's Pointe on Unnamed Lake.

Residents of Windermere and other surrounding communities often enjoy recreation on the lakes, such as wake-boarding, boating, water-skiing, and fishing. The crystal clear canal waters connect the lakes and make it easy for many homeowners to easily access the lakes.

Bird Island is the spot to anchor your boat on the weekends. Accessible only by boat, this island refuge is where the locals gather for some fun in the sun.

Other Things to Do on the Lakes

Along with the recreation, The Butler Chain of Lakes is known for its great waterfront and waterview dining options. Several restaurants offer a beautiful setting overlooking one of the 13 lakes. Bird-watching and wildlife viewing is also popular throughout The Butler Chain of Lakes.

It's also possible to take a tour of the lakes by boat. Some of the tours on the lakes offer unique options with plenty of history of the area, along with stories about celebrities, and more. Kayak tours are also offered to give you an even more up-close look at the lakes.

Residents also enjoy several of these lakes while playing a round of golf. With many of the top Orlando golf courses located on one of the 13 lakes, including Isleworth, Bay Hill and Keene's Pointe. It's easy to enjoy great views while hitting the links.

The Butler Chain of Lakes offers a great way for those enjoying water activities to get their fill in Central Florida. Residents of nearby communities enjoy the many parks on the lakes, boating opportunities, golf courses on the lakes, and the many dining options.