Affluent Homes in OrlandoMany great communities are found all throughout the Orlando area. There are several communities with a much higher median household income than average and some are considered to be very wealthy communities. Here's a look at some of the most affluent neighborhoods found throughout Orlando.


A very affluent community in Orlando, Windermere provides a very high median household income at more than $111K. It's full of incredible homes, great amenities and plenty more. The average home sells for just under $1 million and some go as high as $2.35 million.


Another very affluent community found in Orlando is Oviedo. This city has a median household income of more than $82K and provides very luxurious homes. The city has been named as one of the top choices to live in by Relocate America multiple times and provides a very popular location. The community has homes in a wide range of prices, but some top the $2.5 million mark.


The Town of Oakland is located in Orange County and has a median household income of more than $81K. Some of the non developed lots may start at just $35K, but homes average more than $500K and go up to far more than $1 million. Oakland is also home to some great lakefront properties.

Lake Mary

Found in Seminole County, Lake Mary comes in with a median household income of $76K. This very affluent area provides some very fine homes with prices coming in around $450K and up. Some will even top the $1 million mark.

Belle Isle

Another unique location with a high median household income, Belle Isle comes in at just over $71K. Many homes come in at more than $500K here and the average home sells for over $650K. Even condos within the area tend to be more luxurious and more expensive.


An Orange County gem with a median household income of more than $71K, Edgewood is a very affluent community. Homes in the area come in at an average of about $225K, which may seem low, but some of the area homes go up to as much as $1 million.


Just under $71K for the median household income, Maitland is another one making the list. It's a popular location with homes ranging from about $125K all the way up to $3.7 million.

While these communities may not compare to the likes of Lake Nona, Isleworth, Doctor Phillips and Celebration when it comes to the homes, these communities are considered to be nearly as affluent, when looking at the median household income.

Median Household Income for Affluent Communities in Orlando

It's easy to see how some of the best towns and cities in Central Florida compare to the top and most well-known communities for the rich. Only Isleworth has a median household income well above those on the list above. If you're searching for a very affluent community in Central Florida, these are the best choices to consider.