Sunrail in Central FloridaWhile Orlando isn't known for a subway system like other big cities, it does offer the SunRail system. SunRail is the Central Florida commuter rail system and it's grown into a popular choice to get from one place to another throughout Orlando.

SunRail helps to connect Seminole, Osceola, Orange, and Volusia counties. It's an easier way to commute to work in downtown Kissimmee and a great option for those looking to take a day trip to explore certain areas of Central Florida.

The SunRail System

Offering 16 total stations, SunRail began service in May of 2014. The system offers connections through Downtown Orlando, Osceola County, the I-4 Corridor, and throughout Volusia County. More than 6,000 paying riders use the system on an average weekday.

While the system is newer and still doesn't connect everything in Central Florida, it's also growing. A southern extension to Poinciana via Kissimmee was opened in 2018 and more extensions are coming with future plans.

An extension to connect SunRail to the Orlando International Airport is a part of future plans, along with possible extensions into Lakeland, Daytona Beach, and to connect the Sanford Airport.

Current SunRail Stations

While plenty of expansion is possible and planned, the current SunRail system does provide several stops giving residents easier access to many of the most popular areas in Central Florida. Current stations include:

Service is even provided from the Church Street Station at 10:30pm for all Orlando Magic home games.

SunRail Schedule

The schedule varies depending on the time of year, station, and whether you're going northbound or southbound. SunRail only operates during the week from Monday to Friday with no service on weekends or holidays.

The first train on the northbound schedule leaves just before 6am from the Poinciana Station and the last train arrives just after 11pm at the DeBary station. The southbound schedule has the first train leaving Sanford at just after 5am and the last train arriving at about 9:45 at the Poinciana station.

It's recommended to arrive 20 minutes before your scheduled train departure time. Trains don't have the ability to wait for late riders and arriving 20 minutes early provides time to get your ticket and board your train on time.

Tickets & SunCards

You can purchase SunRail tickets for one-way trips, round trips, and as SunCards for multiple rides. A 50% discount is provided for seniors 65 and over, along with children ages 7 to 18 and those with disabilities. Tickets costs include:

  • One-way tickets - $2 to $5, depending on the number of counties/zones you will travel through
  • Round-trip tickets - $3.75 to $9.50, depending on the number of counties/zones traveled through
  • Transfer Upgrades - Up to $3

Along with regular tickets, you can purchase a SunCard, which is reloadable and can be purchased at a reduced fare for a week, a month, or a year. Regular fares include:

  • Weekly - $17 to $42.50
  • Monthly - $56 to $140
  • Annual - $560 to $1,400

Prepaid options are also available for up to $270 and provide a 10% bonus value. If you load $50, you will receive $5 additional for a total of $55 in value for SunRail rides.